Media training session at Coltrin's New York City offices
Strategic Electronic Footprint

Coltrin & Associates developed and trademarked the concept of The Strategic Electronic Footprint®. The Electronic Footprint is a key tool that can be used by management to showcase the progress of its public relations activities. The following diagram illustrates the wide arsenal of media tactics—which together create an electronic footprint — that when managed properly becomes a strategic asset.

The information contained in the electronic footprint will document the company's track record, creating a virtual report card of accessible information for management, as well as any customer, reporter, broker or financial analyst interested in knowing more about the company and its performance and achievements.

An outreach program focused on the business media is key in establishing an electronic footprint that is global in nature. By showcasing the financial vision on a global level and documenting management milestones, the electronic footprint helps provide an appropriate valuation of the company's leadership and accomplishments.

Stragetic Electronic Footprint™ diagram

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