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Palindromes, Inc. Launch
Client: Palindromes, Inc.
Palindromes Inc. CEO Karla Klingner announces company launch

NEW YORK, NY -- May 17, 2018 -- Coltrin and Associate organized and hosted a press event on Thursday, May 17, at its Manhattan offices to announce the launch of Palindromes, Inc., a newly formed international holding company with interests in agriculture, trade and logistics, building materials, and other basic commodities.

Palindromes’ mission is to leverage the strengths of regional economies and elevate those strengths into the global marketplace. The mission will improve transparency among buyers and sellers, build strong, stable regional economies, and revitalize rural economies.

At the event, which was was broadcast live and covered by the media, Chairwoman and CEO Karla Klingner introduced the company’s management team and board of directors.

Also announced was the signing of letters of intent with Palindromes’ first acquisitions; Palindromes will be taking a majority stake in Schillinger Genetics LLC, a company that specializes in agricultural seed genetics such as soybeans, and a controlling stake in Hope Ventures, an integrated model for functional food and feed.

Palindromes also announced a collaborative partnership with Dr. Per Anderson, Chief Technology Officer and President, Switzerland of Emerging Composite Products LLC. Together Dr. Anderson and Palindromes will develop new frameworks for intellectual property profit sharing models, navigating technology transfers and licensing agreements. These will be applied to future developments such as cement optimization.

Palindromes, Inc. Board of Directors
Stephen H. Coltrin, Founder and CEO, Coltrin and Associates, Inc. 
Karla Klingner, Chairwoman and CEO, Palindromes, Inc. 
Russ Kremer, Chair of Farmer Advisory Board, Palindromes, Inc. and CEO, Hope Ventures LLC 
Brian Rogers, Chief Investment Officer, Palindromes, Inc. 
Ralph Ross, General Council, Palindromes, Inc. and President U.S., Emerging Composite Products LLC 
Dr. John Schillinger, Chair of Science and Innovation Advisory Board, Palindromes, Inc. and President and CEO of Schillinger Genetics, Inc. 

Palindromes Inc. board of directors

front row (left to right) Dr. John Schillinger, Karla Klingner, Stephen H. Coltrin; back row (left to right) Brian Rogers, Dr. Per Anderson, Russ Kremer, Ralph Ross;
photo taken on Coltrin & Associates New York City office terrace overlooking Times Square.

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