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Sample media coverage for Elevated Careers by eHarmony
Coltrin was charged with creating launch press for Elevated Careers by eHarmony, a new vertical that had been in development for approximately three years. Elevated Careers was the brainchild of Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who has a vision for eHarmony to become a relationship company, recognizing that an individual's overall happiness is related to the key relationships in life including romance and workplace. Coltrin had been securing coverage for Dr. Warren's vision for some time with appearances on "Mad Money" with Jim Cramer, "Your World Cavuto", "Fox & Friends", "CNN OutFront", "Bloomberg West", and others. Coltrin also secured print coverage in Reuters, TIME Magazine, International Business Times, Wall Street Journal and many more publications. Coltrin worked to leverage the exposure of the previous media coverage it had secured for Elevated Careers to maximize press for the launch. Coltrin secured launch press in national print, national broadcast, regional broadcast, the Los Angeles market, and career industry media.
Logos of media outlets that covered the launch of Elevated Careers by eHarmony

»CNBC April 1, 2016 
»CBS Radio April 5, 2016
»CBS MoneyWatch 
»Forbes May 5, 2016
»Los Angeles Times April 4, 2016
»Reuters April 1, 2016
»CNN Money April 1, 2016
»Los Angeles Business Journal April 1, 2016
» April 4, 2016
»SHRM April 1, 2016
»TechRepublic November 7, 2005
»ZDNet April 1, 2016
»Geekazine April 1, 2016
» April 1, 2016
» April 1, 2016
»ITCReview April 1, 2016
»HRExaminer April 4, 2016
»Jobs & Hire April 5, 2016
»Social Talent April 4, 2016
»San Gabriel Valley Tribune April 1, 2016
»Talking New Media April 4, 2016

Additional Elevated Careers Coltrin-placed media

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