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Life Technologies, a 3.5 million dollar company, had very little top-tier media exposure. The public in general may have been aware that they created and offered medical products and services, but never considered what these tools could do in peoples lives. Coltrin seized the opportunity to publicize the story of the Berry twins, who were both incorrectly diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age two, unable to walk or sit up, and with no hope of any future improvement. Through Life Technologies'

whole-genome sequencing, doctors were able to provide the Beery twins with a simple, highly effective treatment for a rare condition called DRD, or dopa-responsive dystonia. The twins, now age 14, are in school, running track, and playing volleyball.

In order to help increase awareness of the company and the real life applications of their technology, Coltrin approached ABC's Good Morning America and was able to have a segment aired on the Beery's story. Additionally, after six months of persistent pitching to NBC's Today Show, Coltrin was successful in having Dr. Nancy Snyderman produce a full segment detailing the twin's story and the life changing results of Life Technologies' genome sequencing. Through a series of articles and broadcasts, Life Technologies was put in the limelight, driving company value and employee moral, along with share price and sales.
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