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Coltrin branded Popeyes' senior management team as having the ability to execute on their milestones and achieving their vision for the company. By publicizing their successes, stock prices rose from approximately 7.20 to 60.00 which ultimately led Popeyes to be purchased for 79.00 per share. Through an ongoing stream of top-tier business broadcast and print coverage, the company's advertising became even more credible, new product offerings and LTOs were launched successfully and they got credit for its
extraordinary franchisee program. 

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Popeyes has been able to achieve a high-level of public awareness and credibility with both the business and consumer press which drove consumer confidence and revenue.

»FOX Business - Mornings with Maria April 18, 2016
»CNBC - Mad Money w/Jim Cramer February 25, 2016
»Business Insider February 25, 2016
»CNN Money November 12, 2015
»Nation's Restaurant News November 6, 2015
»Bloomberg July 2, 2015
»CNBC - Mad Money w/Jim Cramer May 28, 2015
»Bloomberg Businessweek April 22, 2015
»CNBC - Mad Money w/Jim Cramer November 13, 2014
»Forbes November 5, 2014
»FOX Business October 31, 2014
»CNBC August 25, 2014
»Wall Street Journal March 9, 2014
»Associated Press January 27, 2014

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