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Seiko, the official timer for the 2002 Winter Olympics, engaged Coltrin & Associates to convey the company’s openness, especially in light of past sports timing issues, and illustrate the accuracy of its sports timing systems to consumers. Seiko wanted to prove its products’ quality and precision to consumers through dramatic sports timing to strengthen the Seiko brand profile and drive more sales.

Downhill skiing event
Coltrin & Associates had two weeks to accomplish Seiko’s goals. Coltrin & Associates secured a five-minute segment on NBC’s Today Show focused solely on Seiko timing systems and accuracy, and a similar segment on the consumer technology channel, “TechTV.” Coltrin & Associates secured graphics in The New York Times, an NBC segment that ran in 14 markets with a total DMA of 8 million households, and features and stories in major and regional media outlets throughout the country.


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