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Tim Hortons, the major Canadian QSR player and household name north-of-the-border, made a major move in the U.S. coffee wars in July 2009, transforming 12 of its competitor's Manhattan locations into Tim Hortons over the course of one weekend. Tim Hortons enlisted Coltrin & Associates to establish brand presence in the extremely competitive U.S. coffee market through the announcement of the company's New York City expansion. 

Tim Horton's storefront in Manhattan

Coltrin fueled the buzz surrounding the New York City launch, garnering significant press on the NBC's Today Show, Today Weekend, CNBC, Fox Business, the New York Times, the Associated Press and Bloomberg News, among others.

»FOX Business July 13, 2009
»The New York Times July 13, 2009
»The New York Times July 13, 2009
»The New York Times July 13, 2009
»CNBC July 13, 2009
»Today - NBC July 13, 2009
»Dow Jones July 13, 2009
»New York Daily News July 11, 2009
»Bloomberg July 9, 2009
»The New York Times July 9, 2009
»Associated Press July 9, 2009

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