Media training session at Coltrin's New York City offices
Strengths and Capabilities

Coltrin & Associates’ areas of expertise include well-connected media relations, strong public affairs, special events coordination, crisis communications and extensive investor relations.
Media Relations
When building a corporate image, it is important to work with a public relations agency that is closely connected with owners and senior management of major national media outlets. Coltrin & Associates’ executives serve as officers of the International Radio and Television Society, the Voice of America Broadcast Advisory Committee and the Broadcast Pioneers.

The firm has a substantial track record in obtaining media coverage at all levels including national, local and trade media.

Coltrin & Associates’ clients are regularly featured in such influential publications as Business Week, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Inc. Magazine, and on prominent television network and cable programs. The firm’s strategy for securing media coverage in trade publications generally incorporates periodic in-person briefing sessions with the media, accompanied by a regular program of news releases and follow-up calls to reporters. Coltrin & Associates’s trade press capabilities have enabled one cable communications client to “dominate the trade press,” generating dozens of laudatory press features and news reports on a product introduction.

The firm recommends and practices an ongoing program of personal contact for both national and local media, featuring background briefings, executive interviews and frequent news releases.

As a result, Coltrin & Associates has achieved favorable coverage of such activities as project launches, acquisitions, initial and secondary public offerings, company financing, plant expansions, anniversaries, VIP visits, charitable activities, etc. 
Public Affairs
Coltrin & Associates combines a broad base of experience in public affairs and close contacts with elected and appointed officials, at both congressional and administrative levels, to help clients maintain cooperative relationships with relevant local, state and national governmental authorities. The firm's personnel have undertaken several special public affairs initiatives on behalf of clients in various industries such as broadcast, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and nuclear waste disposal. Many of these initiatives were coupled with major media programs related to such events as acquisitions or plant openings or closings, while others have addressed the need for clients or industry organizations to influence overall governmental policy. Coltrin & Associates has been able to effectively use its relationships to influence policies in such departments as U.S. Energy, Federal and Trade Communications; place testimony before Congress; and liaison with regulatory agencies on behalf of its clients.
Special Events Coordination
Coltrin & Associates has planned, promoted and implemented many highly successful special events including ground-breakings, product launches, plant opening ceremonies, news conferences, annual meetings, road shows, and media tours for developing and well-established companies. These events have ranged from simple commemorations to more complex functions that targeted vital and specific audiences, such as customers, political and community leaders, the news media and senior corporate executives. For example, one client, operating in the petroleum industry, had opened a highly advanced polymers compounding plant with a ceremony targeted at key customers, who were flown in from around the nation. The ceremony additionally attracted local political leaders and the trade press. Coltrin & Associates arranged all invitations, provided transportation, and prepared management presentations and a color brochure. Coltrin & Associates is highly skilled at providing strategic planning for events; arranging attendance of political leaders; producing brochures, newsletters, speeches and videotapes; and coordinating logistical arrangements at all levels.
Crisis Communications
Coltrin & Associates has assisted a number of clients in handling hostile or crisis situations in the most positive manner possible. The firm's advice and responsiveness have prevented major image damage and created additional value in situations such as toxic spills, employee layoffs, plant closures and plant fires. The firm has also been instrumental in settling violent as well as nonviolent union negotiations which resulted in more favorable relations with employer and employees as well as the media.
Investor Relations
The firm's staff has extensive experience with the multiple demands of investor relations, such as organizing analysts tours and briefing sessions, writing presentations, answering shareholder questions, and writing and producing quarterly and annual reports. Clients are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ exchange, and the London and Toronto exchanges.

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