Media training session at Coltrin's New York City offices
Driving Revenue, Valuation and EBITDA
The Coltrin Advantage

Coltrin & Associates has pioneered a vision and milestones platform that utilizes publicity to drive revenue, valuation and EBITDA. This platform has the capability to brand companies of all sizes and structures.

Coltrin will work with a CEO and their leadership team to capture the short, medium and long-term vision for their company. The vision put forth becomes concrete and substantive with identified milestones along the way to achieving that vision.

Coltrin will then work to publicize every milestone achieved, branding the clients through a series of top-tier media. By doing so, the client’s vision becomes a transparent, external roadmap that validates the company’s progress towards its goals. When done correctly, the execution of the vision and milestones platform increases stakeholder confidence and drives revenue, valuation and EBITDA

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